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Dedicated to Pairing Our Clients With the Very Best Security Agents
About Special Unit Services

In our society’s rapid changing values, simply providing protection is no longer adequate to describe the role of a security agency.  Prevention, intervention, adaptability, response and life-safety more adequately depict the new partnership established between a security company and its clients, domestically and foreign. Industries, corporations and private communities alike recognize the need for total integration of manpower and technology to minimize collateral damage or personal safety in any industry.

Special Unit is that security agency based in Los Angeles operating and networking with domestic and foreign partnerships to provide the security expertise needed at a short moments notice.  

Conduct all of our activities in a manner that reflects favorably on the profession.


Conduct business activities with integrity and avoid conduct that is deceptive or misleading.

Exercise objective and impartial judgment and give due consideration to all relevant facts related to each assignment.

Serve clients loyally and protect clients' interests when performing assignments.

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